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In 1987 China Grill New York opened to a packed dining room and immediate critical acclaim. By its fifth anniversary, the restaurant was as busy as ever and regarded as one of the hottest destination spots in New York City.

Jeffrey Chodorow’s labor of love, his first and only venture into the restaurant world, had proven to be an enduring success in a scene where restaurants seemed to come and go overnight. But something was missing…he wanted mashed potatoes.

Never satisfied with the perception that China Grill was a “Chinese” restaurant, Jeffrey broadened the horizons to include even less likely pairings. “Why not wasabi mashed potatoes? Lobster mashed potatoes? What about lobster pancakes or a peking duck salad?” Chodorow’s insistence on thinking outside the wok would set the pitch for what would become one of the most innovative and highest-grossing multi-concept restaurant companies in the world.

Over twenty years and twenty locations later, China Grill Management and its affiliates continue to produce some of the most original, critically acclaimed and wildly popular dining hotspots in major cities across the globe. Our restaurants have been featured in such diverse publications as The New York Times, In Style, Bon Appetit, The LA Times, 944, and The Miami Herald (to name just a few) and have won awards ranging from Zagat NYC’s “most popular nightspot” to Esquire Magazine’s “Best New Restaurant.”


Because we redefine the very meaning of “restaurant.” The philosophy operating behind every CGM property is as simple as it is daring—that serious food and dazzling spectacle are not mutually exclusive.

By pairing the culinary ingenuity of world-class chefs, atmospheres crafted by internationally renowned designers and the highest standards of service, CGM’s mission is to create an unrivaled and unforgettable dining experience for every single customer. It is this combination of uncompromising vision and gourmet expertise that has earned China Grill Management a phenomenal reputation as a trendsetter at the vanguard of dining.

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